Self-documentation Trainer and Digital Story facilitator and production consultancy

Project: Safety, Dignity & Freedom

Location: Johannesburg

Duration: 2 months

Start Date: 3rd week of April 2021 End Date: End June 2021

Reporting to: SDF Programme Officer


Iranti is a Johannesburg based, human rights organisation that advocates for the advancement of the rights of LTI persons in Africa. We work within a human rights framework raising issues of gender, sex, and sexuality. Our main activities include immediate community support, hate crime documentation, community dialogues, inclusive media production, and creative dissemination to challenge violence and discrimination based on gender identity and bodily diversity.
As part of Iranti’s Safety, Dignity and Freedom (SDF) initiative which has been implemented in Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe, we are currently initialising the self-documentation process, whereby we aim to train LGBTIQA+ creators to produce stories which capture themes that are relevant and important to the LGBTIQA+ community. The campaign was ideated due to the need to include LGBTIQA+ people and issues in mainstream media, with the aim of changing the attitudes of society, as means of addressing the rejection of, and/or hostility towards, the LGBTIQA+ community in some of the countries.
This training seeks to highlight the individual heart stories that come from the community, created by LGBTIQA+ persons themselves. Interested LGBTIQA+ persons will be trained on how to create videos and photographs, as well as how to use social media platforms to share and boost written and visual LGBTIQA+ content. The aim is to have stories, articles, videos, vlog-style posts and other creative content which is created by LGBTIQA+ persons, to be spread as widely as possible on social media, to normalise the presence of LGBTIQA+ persons in media and also to show that we exist beyond our LGBTIQA+ identities, we are whole people with overlapping, intersecting, layered identities. We exist holistically in the everyday, we are real people with feelings, hobbies, jobs, networks, identities and relationships outside of our LGBTIQA+ identities.
The stories created in the self-documentation training will be used as part of a training toolkit for training journalists and media practitioners on how to better approach and represent LGBTIQA+ topics and issues in their reports and broadcasts.

Scope of Work

Iranti seeks to appoint a service provider to produce and manage a segment of Iranti’s digital story project in 5 partner countries. This project is part of the #NoOneIsOneThing campaign aimed at educating the larger public that LGBTQIA+ lives are intersectional. This includes development of the training material, facilitate and coach our participants in producing personal digital stories (photography, video, audio and/or written).

The service-provider will be responsible for:
Improving the existing training content as a basis for the training.
All training is online, and materials should be adapted accordingly.
Developing and present the course and production outline for all digital stories.
Presenting a plan on providing ongoing support to the participant for the duration of the project period (mid-April – end June).
Conduct the evaluation of the training/workshop;Report on the conducted trainings, workshops and support provided.

Expected Deliverables

The main deliverable for the project is to successfully carry out the self-documentation training and produce digital stories with 10 participants from 5 partner countries according to the following reporting requirements:

Work plan for implementing the training/workshops, including strategy and proposed methodologies, as well as quality assurance plan;
Provide training resources for participants.
Coach 10 participants in scripting and producing the stories.
Present all final 10 digital stories to Iranti.
Technical advice and support to participants during the training/workshop.
Final report on the implementation of the tasks after finishing the training/workshops.

Desired competencies, technical background and experience

A commitment to Iranti’s mission and a clear understanding of the links between advocacy research, community building, campaigning and media work;
Experience in facilitating digital stories with community persons with low level experience in media and storytelling.
Experience in photography and videography, with knowledge on using entry-level mobile devices effectively to produce good quality photos and videos.
Experience in establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with other organisations, governmental agencies, public and private sector organisations;
Stakeholder engagement capabilities to facilitate the engagements and collaborations with project managers, staff and partners to gain additional input;
Strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to work under pressure and in stressful situations;
Ability to work under pressure and stressful situations;
A good understanding of LGBTQIA+ rights and a track record in working with vulnerable communities.
Professional copywriting and editing services will be required.


Applicant must submit a CV with contactable references and must be able to produce examples of previous work of a similar nature. All required documents to be submitted to by Thursday 15 April 2021.

As per Iranti policy, payment is made against approved deliverables. No advance payment is allowed until completion of collectively agreed deliverables. A Work Agreement letter will be signed in addition to the Terms of Reference in compliance with Iranti policy, and the final payment will be made upon completion of the task to Iranti’s satisfaction.

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