Opportunity: Programme Coordinator (Sex Characteristics and Gender Identity)

INTERSEX SOUTH AFRICA (ISSA) in collaboration with Iranti wishes to appoint an individual who will drive and coordinate the work of ISSA in the region.

We are looking for an energetic, highly organised, skilled and experienced person who can provide leadership and direction, expanding ISSA’s mission, presence and impact in the region with a focus on intersex communities.

You will, aligned to the Strategic Plan of ISSA:
• Work towards empowering intersex communities, organisations and people in all their diversities to advocate for their rights
• Work towards the de-pathologisation of intersex people on all levels
• Support community organising, led by intersex people in the region
• Provide technical and other assistance to intersex groups and organisations in close cooperation with Iranti and other regional and international organisations. 
• Advocate for inclusion of INTERSEX issues on the agenda of governments in the region 
• Work towards raising visibility and awareness within the wider LGBTI movement on issues pertaining to sex characteristics
• Support research in regard to sex characteristics
• Attend and convene conferences, seminars and meetings on GIESC 
Performance of duties, remuneration and benefits
• The person will be required to adapt to a hybrid way of work i.e., both remotely and at an office; 
• Hours of work will be flexible for the position, but the individual will be required to execute clear deliverables and report on these within agreed timeframes. 
• The weekly working time would be 45 hours on a 100% position, but this can be negotiated 
• The annual salary is negotiable depending on experience and amount of time agreed to be allocated in a workweek to the position
• Conditions of service will be dependent upon the final contract agreed upon and in accordance with the applicable legislation governing the employment of persons in South Africa
• In the event of travel and accommodation, limited financial support will be provided should the appointed person reside outside of Gauteng, South Africa

The successful candidate:

• must be able to communicate in English
• must have worked or at least gained relevant experiences working on GEISC matters
• must have worked for intersex lead organisations in staff or volunteer capacity
• preferably be mobile

Highly desired abilities
The successful candidate ideally:

• has direct experience with LGBTI activism
• has direct experience in advocacy and policy work
• has relevant experience in working with diverse teams

Knowledge of other languages would be an asset.

Who can apply?
• Anyone with dedication to – and experience about – the human and social rights of persons of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and sex characteristics who meets the requirements is welcome to apply. 

Interested candidates must have a valid South African residency and/or Work Permit and should submit the following:
1. A CV (max 3 pages)
2. A Motivational Letter (max 1 page) outlining suitability and reasons for applying
Do not send copies of Certificates. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Applications to be submitted by email to:
Closing date: 5 August 2021
Iranti is an equal opportunity employer. We especially encourage and invite members of the LGBTIQ community to apply.

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