Festive season for the LGBTI+ group

Wellness Support for Festive Cheer

Iranti, with the support of Outright Action International, is supporting organisations, frontline activists and individual community members with a Wellness Support Campaign targeted at the LGBTQIA+ community. 

The Wellness Support aims to provide assistance to members of the LGBTIQ+ community in the form of rent relief, transport, data, food vouchers, and access to mental wellness services. 

“Many individuals have lost their jobs hence food is the biggest need. Avoiding groups meant many community organisations are no longer able to do community work hence projects fundraising is now difficult,” explained project support Sibusiso Kheswa.    

The outreach will impact 40 frontline activists with support to the value of R2000; 55 community members with R1000 vouchers and additional support for 16 organisations. 

“The Christmas wellness event that was planned for 4 December to host the activists that we closely work with had to be cancelled due to increasing COVID-19 infections. We will now be sending them pamper packs,” Kheswa explained. 

The programme is part of Iranti’s commitment to their partners and the LBTI community. 

“While we are unfortunately unable to provide ongoing support to our queer sibling, colleagues and comrades at the present moment, we hope that the support we provide over this Christmas period will make the Festive Season a little easier,” said acting Knowledge Manager Jade Jacobs. 

Iranti worked with community based organisations and the broader community to identify those who need support during this time. Iranti also put out a call for applications. 

“The festive season is a highly commercialised time of the year, and with many people having lost their jobs it will particularly difficult. Loss of jobs means many LGBTI people had to go back to live with their homophobic and transphobic families who are very unsupportive.  

“The Iranti support will alleviate those stresses as well as give encouragement to activists working on the ground in communities,” said Kheswa.  

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