Iranti Celebrates 10 Years of Solidarity

2022 sees Iranti celebrating its 10th year of existence. In acknowledgement of the many milestones that the organisation has accomplished, we hosted a celebratory event for our staff, partners and friends at the House of Iranti.

Over the past decade the organisation has grown from its foundational phase with a few volunteers, to a well-established organisation that has gained global respect for its media, advocacy and movement building work. In recognition of this milestone, Iranti partners and friends, including local, regional and international, were invited to a day of celebration.

The event theme was centred around 10 Years of Solidarity: Collective Memory. Collective Joy. Collective Freedom.

Iranti has made tremendously strides in using media as an advocacy tool to strengthen collective visual, audio, and written evidence-based documentation and reporting on lesbian, gender non-conforming, transgender and intersex persons for the advancement of their human rights in Africa.  To this end, Iranti opened a mini exhibition aimed at showcasing the organisation’s 10 years of work, and celebrating the community’s Collective Solidarity through Memory, Joy and Freedom.

Stay connected for more of our upcoming 10 Year Anniversary programming!

Photos by Neo Baepi

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