One of Iranti’s four strategic objectives is to increase visibility of, and seek immediate redress for, human rights violations of lesbians, gender non-conforming, trans and intersex persons.

This outcome area includes impactful media reporting and advocacy, real time reporting of those violations and other critical moments and opportunities for shifting public opinion, actions and changing policies and institutions.

We are then committed to:

  1. Increasing reporting output from the Africa Queer Media Makers Network (AQMMN).
  2. Increasing awareness of violations against lesbian, transgender and intersex persons in Africa.
  3. Accurate reporting to states in Africa, including South Africa, to influence policy and support prosecutorial processes.
  4. Ensure real-time reporting using diversified media platforms, including mainstream media where possible.
  5. Provide analysis, commentary and calls to action at all levels of society.
  6. Publish and make known the stories researched and documented by the Research & Documentation team.
  7. Fight to see a growing number of key stakeholders, including local communities and their leaders, governments, funders and human rights organisations perceive issues of gender, identities and sexualities in a positive light, acknowledge the rights of lesbians, gender non-conforming, trans and intersex persons and take actions in favor of those rights.