South Africa, 15 December 2017

2017 marked Iranti’s fifth year documenting and advocating for the human rights of lesbian, transgender and intersex persons in Africa. This year we have been witness to terrible tragedies, such as the murders of Lerato “Tambai” Moloi, and brilliant victories, like the legislative progress made in Kenya regarding legal name-change, and in Botswana where two citizens have now won the right to change their gender-markers. 2018 and the years to come will surely prove to be just as successful, and will see the expansion of our advocacy reach and consolidation of our media output. This video looks back at Iranti’s story, from foundation to five years, highlighting our current work and objectives. We hope that it will inform and inspire others as we continue to do this work which is so often draining, heartbreaking and traumatic, but also rewarding and invaluable to the promotion of the human rights of some of our continents most marginalized communities.