South Africa, 13 October 2014

This morning amidst all the long queues at the Roodepoort office of the Department of Home Affairs, was Nadia Lally Swanepoel, waiting at counter 8.


Nadia could end her liquid and hunger strike, and just like any capable bureaucrat should have done years ago, was to change Nadia’s gender identity on the system. Now she has a new identity, one that affords her the right to live her life fully and to enjoy the basic human right to human dignity.


Iranti was there to celebrate this moment with Nadia. We salute Zane Dangor, the advisor to Minister Bathabile Dlamini; and the spokesperson of the Department of Home Affairs, Mayihlome Tshwete who stood by Nadia as the process was completed. We salute the staff at the Roodepoort Department, who ensured that all is done.


Collectively, Gender Dynamix, S.H.E and TIA along with Iranti has called for an urgent meeting with the Department of Home Affairs to address the backlog of applications, and to address the transphobic bureaucrats who continue to block progress.

Nadia Swanepoel and Mayihlome Tshwete

Nadia Swanepoel at counter 8 with the DHA official completing the forms and chatting with Mayihlome Tshwete the spokesperson of the Department of Home Affairs.

Nadia Swanepoel and Jabu Pereira

Nadia Swanepoel and Jabu Pereira, waiting for all the paperwork to be completed.
Nadia Swanepoel's paperwork

And so justice is service, change of documentation has taken place.