Uganda, 18 November 2015
As Uganda prepares for its national elections, it is evident that politicians have begun to use the “gay rights” card to instil fear in the nation.


This makes the situation very vulnerable for LGBTI persons and more specifically for Transgender Ugandans. In our interviews with Trans* persons, they consistently state, “We Transgender people are the face of the LGBTI movement.” Gender expression and gender identity remain a major vulnerability to Trans* persons who become key targets of the public.


On 17 October 2015 two Trans activists were attacked in a bar in Kampala, Uganda. While hosting foreign guests, Apako Williams and Jay Mulucha were attacked and called out as being fake men and homosexuals. On the same weekend there were several other attacks on Transgender activists. One of the activists is Beyoncé Karungi, the Director of Transgender Equality Uganda (TEU).