South Africa, 25 March 2015

Every person that speaks of Kayla Glover, described her as generous in her ability to be kind to people, loving towards her friends and her community and openly out regarding her sexual orientation. Iranti worked with Rock of Hope the LGBTI human rights organisation in Swaziland in documenting and reporting on the murder of Kayla Glover. This senseless murder speaks of the silence on hate crimes in Swaziland, and how sexual orientation and gender identity is not taken into account when investigating murders. This invisibility was evident, and we hope that our documentation and reporting honors the life of Kayla as a lesbian, loved and remembered by her community. We bring visibility to those who are deceased and we honor their memory, their visibility and their resilience. Rest in Peace, Kayla. Click on the image below to go to the gallery.

Kayla Glover funeral