Iranti Co-Founder and Executive Director, Jabulani Pereira, attended the ILGA World conference in Wellington, New Zealand, and was elected to the Trans Steering Committee by 186 votes to 91. Image: Supplied.

We are incredibly proud to announce that our Executive Director, Jabulani Pereira, has been elected to the ILGA board, as Chair of the trans steering committee!

The decision was made at the ILGA World Conference in Wellington, New Zealand, where LGBTI+ activists and non-profit organisations from across the globe came together to discuss issues facing their communities, share knowledge, and think of ways to continue growing the movement and serving the people.

We at Iranti are pleased that one of our team has been entrusted by the international LGBTI+ community with this position. To represent transgender persons in this way, at the international level, is an honour, and the responsibility will not be taken lightly, as we believe it shows the trust that ILGA, and the wider community, puts in Iranti and our Director.

Congratulations, Jabu!