ZwaKala project by Iranti first workshop, funded by the EU

South Africa, 5 July 2015

Between 3-9 May 2015, LGBTI activists from seven countries gathered in Johannesburg for a 6-day intense training workshop on video advocacy and storytelling.  This was co-hosted by Iranti and Witness, an organisation based in New York that uses video to document and advocate for human rights. This training followed the assessment undertaken in January 2015 and was the first formal activity under ZwaKala, Iranit-org’s EU funded project.

The very participative training was designed to capacitate LGBTI individuals and groups to use video to collect evidence and report on human rights violations. It sought to improve participants’ knowledge of video advocacy and storytelling for action.

Representatives came from CBOs and NGOs in South Africa (Gauteng, North West, Eastern Cape) as well as Botswana, Zambia, Swaziland, Kenya, Malawi and Uganda. “I really enjoyed the video advocacy training. It will help our group to create our own films, the way we want them and understand them. We are going to do our first advocacy video on Vaal Pride,” says Lindi Nhlapo, Coordinator of Vaal LGBTI.


For Leon from Jinsiangu, “The training will help me be a better documenter using media advocacy as my tool to create materials on transgender issues in Kenya.”