Light a candle for TDOR… join and support the international transgender community today in commemorating those who’ve lost their lives to ignorance and hate


Johannesburg, 20 November 2013

“This day brings to our attention that transphobia is evident in both public and private spaces, and that systemic transphobia and gender-motivated killings are on the increase. We call on all human rights groups, the government, and our communities to protect all persons against violent attacks based on their gender identities. We will continue to gather evidence that aims to report on these violations, and we will seek justice for the victims and survivors of transphobic attacks.” Jabu C. Pereira, Director of Iranti.


Compiled by Ayanda Msiza, documenting and media officer at Iranti.


Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is an internationally recognised commemoration for the trans community which takes place on 20 November of each year. Today marks it’s 15th year, and today we remember and mourn the people we have lost through hate, intolerance and violence. TDOR is not a single event in a single location, but an event commemorated the world over – it is an event created to recognise and draw attention to the growing problem of violence and abuse towards trans people.


Transgender Europe initiated a Trans Murder monitoring project in January 2008. In the last 12 months, 238 killings of trans people we reported. Since 2008 the murders of 1,374 trans people have been documented, a number not entirely representative since many cases go unreported or unrecognised as transphobic motivated attacks.


Transphobia must stop, and trans people must be allowed to live their lives as human beings. Many people will have contact with trans people throughout the course of their lives without realising it. Sadly, people cling to outdated stereotypes of what it is, or means, to be trans.


Iranti for the very first time is taking the initiative to work together with TDOR working groups to mourn and raise awareness of hate crimes against trans people. We are questioning our government to say: How many more people should die before they do something about these brutal killings of our brothers and sisters? For how long must we live in fear?


We urge everyone to light a candle on this day, set aside one minute of your precious time and remember those who have been laid to rest.


We have a page dedicated to the Transgender Day of Remebrance 2013, click the More link below.