WORKSHOP with Dr Jian Chen


The New Black - Jian Chen


Johannesburg, 8 August 2013

Media Innovations for Queer and Transgender Social Change Approaches with Dr Jian Chen. Iranti will host Dr Jian Chen, an assistant Professor of English from the Ohio State University. They/He is an independent curator, a media and art activist. Chen’s work explores the technological and social conditions that shape today’s Transgender, Queer, and gender non-conforming media; Highlighting strategies used in transnational, diasporic, and inter-racial American media work. Check out the trailer for The New BlackRead the invite before you download the invite and programme and share it widely!

Queering Gaga Feminism


Jack-Judith Halberstam's Gaga Feminism lecture in South Africa


Cape Town, 19 August 2013

Dr Jack “Judith” Halberstams’ theory workshop “No Church in the Wild: Anarchy and Gaga Feminism” hosted by the LGBTI Program at the Institute for Humanities in Africa (HUMA) at the University of Cape Town. Iranti will be attending. HUMA through the direction of Dr Zethu Matebeni has led innovative seminars on Queer Theory, Sexuality and Gender Identities. Iranti’s team is keen to learn more about Gaga Feminism, Queerness and its relation to sexual and gender variant identities in South Africa. Download the full invite, read all about the event and share…