As trans and gender-diverse Africans, many of us have had to redefine what gender, sex and love mean for ourselves. In our local contexts, there is rarely any sort of blueprint for what it means to be us. We ARE the blueprint!

In March 2019, Iranti, in partnership with EATHAN and RFSL, hosted the RFSL Rainbow Academy training on leadership. 20 transgender-rights activists from across Southern and East Africa were brought to Johannesburg to share knowledge, give insight into their local issues and contacts, and gain valuable new skills to help finance, promote and ensure the sustainability of their respective organisations. The opportunity to network with other African activists, and strengthen bonds across borders, proved invaluable.

Our thanks to all involved for allowing us to capture their stories here, to RFSL and EATHAN for their support, and to Puo Pha Productions for the creation of this short film.