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Press Releases • Day for Trans Depathologization

Statement on the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization 2017

South Africa, 21 October 2017

The signatories of this Statement are activists representing different trans regional networks and international initiatives. This year, the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization has a particular relevance for all our communities around the world: the largely due process of revision and reform of the tenth version of International Classification of Diseases will be completed next year. We expect the World Health Assembly to pass a new ICD (called ICD-11) in June 2018.



Events • Day of Action for Trans Depathologisation

Stop Trans Pathologisation Worldwide!


South Africa, 21 October 2017

To mark the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologisation, Iranti interviewed several medical doctors on the topic of trans-affirming healthcare. These interviews form the basis for our upcoming five-part healthcare series, which will aim to give medical practitioners a crash-course in gender-affirming healthcare and respecting trans patients.


Africa by country • Egypt - human rights and solidarity

We stand by LGBT+ Egyptians! #ColorsRNotShame



South Africa, 19 October 2017
In September 2017, Egyptian authorities began cracking down on LGBT+ citizens, arresting at least 50 in just a month. Egyptian law has no basis for this and it is a violation of the human rights of all the victims.

Iranti, as well as countless other groups around the world, call on Egypt to cease these actions, and call on the people of Egypt to remain resolute. WE STAND BY YOU. #ColorsRNotShame


Africa by country • Egypt - human rights and solidarity

On Not Being There: Human Rights and solidarity in Egypt’s LGBTQ crisis

By Scott Long

Egypt, 18 October 2017

The following extract was originally published on

It’s a sick and repellent paradox that the Egyptian state media smears Egyptian LGBTQ people as tools of foreign influences, while they’ve been largely abandoned by their absentee, self-styled friends in northern LGBTQ groups. While in Egypt the media hurl curses at a few people who waved a rainbow flag, while lawmakers promise more draconian laws, while almost five dozen victims innocent of any known crime face prison terms, many international rights groups are silent or settle for symbolic gestures. This failure points to a crisis in the so-called international human rights movement, as advocacy appears to lose what efficacy it once had.



Events • 5-year anniversary iranti

Gallery: Iranti celebrates 5 years

by Kellyn Botha
5 year anniversary of iranti org

Iranti’s latest work was showcased on two indoor monitors, and multiple publications were made available to guests in the foyer. Photo by: Sibusiso Khwidzhili


South Africa, 10 October 2017
On 28 September Iranti celebrated five years of activism. We are looking back at the struggles and victories of the past. We are looking forward to the challenges to be tackled in the future.


Once again we would like to thank everyone who attended the event for making it truly special, and to everyone who helped organise and run the celebration. We would especially like to thank the Deputy Minister of the Department of Justice, John Jeffries, for making the time to speak, as well as Makgano Mamabolo and Kumkani Siwisa for acting as MCs.


Our resolve has never been stronger and we know we can count on our diverse allies to continue to stand alongside us as we move into the next five years!


To those who could not attend our celebration we know you are there with us, we respect your work, and we need your support. Please keep the lines open and let us know what you expect from our team moving forward so that we can better improve our mandate to serve queer communities across Africa!


See the full Gallery.



EVENTS • Soweto pride 2017

Soweto Pride Returns!

by Kellyn Botha

16 October 2017, South Africa

On 30 September Iranti went to Soweto Pride, organised by the Forum for the Empowerment of Women (FEW) annually since 2004, as a response to the inaccessibility of Johannesburg Pride, which was too far and too expensive for many LGBTI+ Soweto residents to attend. Read the full story and view the gallery.


Press Releases • Egypt

Dozens arrested in Egypt in wave of homophobic sentiment


Egypt, 11 October 2017

Iranti has recently been made aware of the dire situation in Egypt whereby more than 50 persons have been arrested after a “rainbow flag” was proudly displayed at a concert in Cairo last month. Egyptian authorities have no legal basis for the arrests by the laws of their own country, but despite this, homophobic sentiment remains high. We intend to work closely with our comrades and allies in Egypt, as well as those elsewhere on the continent, to remedy this injustice. Read the press statement.


profiles • Anna from Uganda

Being Anna

Anna from Uganda, trans rights activist


28 August 2017, Uganda
Anna* is a transgender woman and activist for trans rights in Uganda. She recently came to Johannesburg to attend the Iranti-org Leadership and Wellness training, and we managed to speak to her about the work she is doing in Uganda around LGBTI rights. Read more...







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