Reflections on the Iranti Journey: 2020 – 2021

I am pleased to share with you our 2020-21 Annual Report. Not only is it a reflection of a difficult year wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic but it is attributed to the resilience of the organisation and the staff, funders and supporters who have sustained it.

Covid-19 has tested the sustainability of civil society organisations across the globe and many have found the challenges impossible to overcome. These difficult times have once again highlighted why our commitment to supporting the LGBTI community across Africa is important.

As you will see in the attached report, Iranti is focused on strengthening our documentation as we continue to work towards changing hearts and minds through our programmes and campaigns.

Join us as we report on our work in building a movement to advocate for everyone’s human rights that includes partnerships to strengthen interventions that support Trans, Lesbian and Intersex persons.

This report marks a critical milestone: As we complete our first decade, Iranti is preparing for its next phase with a new strategy, a change of director and a new home.

We hope you will continue with us on our journey.

Jabulani Pereira
Iranti Founder and Executive Director

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