Dignity, Equality and Freedom.

Iranti is a Johannesburg-based media-advocacy organisation which advocates for the rights of LGBTI+ persons, with specific focus on lesbian, transgender (including gender non-conforming) and intersex persons in Africa. Iranti works within a human rights framework raising issues on gender identities, and sexuality, through the strategic use of multimedia storytelling, research and activism.

Iranti is an organisation by and for trans, lesbian and intersex persons and was formed with the clear intention of building strategic partnerships and movements that use media as a key platform for critical engagement, mobilisation, capacity development, reframing of perceptions, and advocacy interventions across Africa. Iranti works at country, regional (Africa) and international levels.


We believe that the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, and queer (LGBTI+) landscape on the African continent is fast changing and requires an organisation that can adapt to the changing circumstances just as fast. We believe that violence against lesbians, gender non-conforming, trans and intersex persons in Africa has increased over the years and demands rapid response and in real time. To optimize our impact, we are committed to being agile and responsive to these fast changing circumstances while still keeping to our mission and strategic outcomes.



Iranti envisions a just world where everyone lives with dignity, respect and equality; and where sexual, gender and bodily diversity are not only accepted, but celebrated.


Iranti’s mission is to be a media and advocacy platform for lesbians, gender non-conforming, trans and intersex persons and their organizations in order to strengthen our collective visual, audio and written evidence based documentation and reporting on SOGI for the advancement of (all) human rights in Africa.

Strategic Outcomes

Iranti is committed to realising the following strategic outcomes:

Growing visibility and immediate redress of human rights violations of lesbians, gender non-conforming, trans and intersex persons.

Stronger organisations and movements of lesbians, gender non-conforming, trans and intersex persons working in areas of media, documentation and advocacy.

Evidence-based research, data and documentation that supports effective interventions is strengthened.

Regional and Global level advocacy initiatives are strengthened.

Five Years and Forward

2017 marked Iranti’s fifth year documenting and advocating for the human rights of lesbian, transgender and intersex persons in Africa. This year we have been witness to terrible tragedies, such as the murders of Lerato “Tambai” Moloi, and brilliant victories, like the legislative progress made in Kenya regarding legal name-change, and in Botswana where two citizens have now won the right to change their gender-markers. 2018 and the years to come will surely prove to be just as successful, and will see the expansion of our advocacy reach and consolidation of our media output. This video looks back at Iranti’s story, from foundation to five years, highlighting our current work and objectives. We hope that it will inform and inspire others as we continue to do this work which is so often draining, heartbreaking and traumatic, but also rewarding and invaluable to the promotion of the human rights of some of our continents most marginalized communities.

Key Achievements

Since its establishment in 2012, Iranti has grown, achieving multiple vital milestones as well as pursuing several highly successful projects.

Some of our latest achievements include:

Jabulani Pereira Elected to ILGA Board

Iranti’s Executive Director was selected to chair the Trans Steering Committee at the ILGA World Conference in New Zealand, 2019.

Joshua Sehoole Elected to SATF Steering Committee

Iranti’s Advocacy Manager, Joshua Sehoole, has been elected to the Steering Committee of Southern African Trans Forum, taking on the role of Treasurer.


A 13 episode series which aired on Soweto TV aimed at creating conversations in homes and communities around LGBTI experiences.

Joshua Sehoole Elected to SATF Steering Committee

Iranti’s Advocacy Manager, Joshua Sehoole, has been elected to the Steering Committee of Southern African Trans Forum, taking on the role of Treasurer.


Iranti assisted in the relaunch of Intersex South Africa, and now acts as fiscal sponsor to the young organisation to ensure intersex South Africans have a voice

National Intersex Engagement

A conference hosted in conjunction with ISSA to engage with government, medical, familial and other stakeholders on the vast range of issues facing intersex persons today. This culminated in a report by Iranti.

Ongoing Violations Documentation

Iranti has covered multiple cases of violence against lesbian and transgender persons in rural and township settings. Their stories, often not highlighted in the mainstream media, are told to raise public awareness and honour the lives of those we have lost.

Trans Health Series

A four part series aimed at medical professionals which lays down the basics of gender-affirming medical care and dealing respectfully with transgender patients.

Leadership Development and Other Trainings

Iranti is always working to expand the skillset of the team and our allies. Thus we host or participate in multiple workshops or training workshops annually.

ZwaKala Project

A three year project which concluded in 2018, ZwaKala worked to build a network of NPOs in the North West, Limpopo and Gauteng provinces of South Africa.

Deaf Trans Report

Upon consultation with members of the deaf trans community in Johannesburg, Iranti embarked on a more thorough study of the needs of deaf trans persons, and how the organisation’s media output can be more inclusive.

ICD Amendment

Iranti has long worked with organisations across the globe to depathologise and destigmatise trans identities in the International Classification of Diseases. As of 2018 a major positive step was taken by the WHO.

Binder Campaign

Iranti, in collaboration with trans men in Latin America, Asia and New Zealand, began work on a campaign to make and distribute gender-affirming chest binders to trans men in the Global South.