Iranti is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) founded in January 2012, that works from a human rights framework to advocate for lesbian, transgender and intersex persons. Our intention is to build local partnerships and movements, and advocate for rights and recognition across Africa through the strategic use of multimedia platforms within the key thematic areas of Violence, Healthcare and Education.

We are committed to probing and developing a deeper understanding of human rights violations, and seek ways to change policies, laws and mindsets to end homophobia, transphobia, intersexphobia, racism, sexism and patriarchy.

Iranti participates in national, regional and global advocacy platforms, partnering with local organisations wherever possible.

Iranti means 'memory' and as such the organization maintains an active archive of more than100 short films, as well as articles and opinion pieces, photographic galleries, podcasts and more which can be found on this website.

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Iranti envisions a just world where everyone lives with dignity, respect and equality; and where sexual, gender and bodily diversity are not only accepted, but celebrated.


Iranti seeks to defend the rights of lesbian, transgender and intersex individuals in Africa through the tactical use of multimedia storytelling and movement building at local, regional and international levels. Iranti seeks to maintain a living archive of media to ensure a lasting memory of queer Africans and their experiences, as a form of resistance against the continued erasure of queer identities.

Strategic Outcomes

Iranti is committed to realising the following strategic outcomes through our relationships, projects and daily work:



Regional and global level advocacy initiatives are strengthened.


Evidence based research, data and documentation that supports effective interventions is strengthened



Stronger organizations and movements working in areas of media, documentation and advocacy.


Growing visibility and immediate redress of human rights violations of lesbian, trans and intersex persons.

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Key Achievements:

Since its establishment in 2012, Iranti has grown, achieving multiple vital milestones as well as pursuing several highly successful projects.

Some of our latest achievements include:

  • Siyanibona - A 13 episode series which aired on Soweto TV aimed at creating conversations in homes and communities around LGBTI experiences.
  • Trans Web Series - Two short films (Bruise and I Rise) telling the stories of trans people from different countries in a relatable and accessible manner.
  • ISSA - Iranti assisted in the relaunch of Intersex South Africa, and now acts as fiscal sponsor to the young organisation to ensure intersex South Africans have a voice
  • National Intersex Engagement - A conference hosted in conjunction with ISSA to engage with government, medical, familial and other stakeholders on the vast range of issues facing intersex persons today. This culminated in a report by Iranti.
  • Ongoing Violations Documentation - Iranti has covered multiple cases of violence against lesbian and transgender persons in rural and township settings. Their stories, often not highlighted in the mainstream media, are told to raise public awareness and honour the lives of those we have lost.
  • Trans Health Series - A four part series aimed at medical professionals which lays down the basics of gender-affirming medical care and dealing respectfully with transgender patients.
  • Leadership Development and Other Trainings - Iranti is always working to expand the skillset of the team and our allies. Thus we host or participate in multiple workshops or training workshops annually.
  • ZwaKala Project - A three year project which concluded in 2018, ZwaKala worked to build a network of NPOs in the North West, Limpopo and Gauteng provinces of South Africa.
  • Deaf Trans Report - Upon consultation with members of the deaf trans community in Johannesburg, Iranti embarked on a more thorough study of the needs of deaf trans persons, and how the organisation's media output can be more inclusive.
  • ICD Amendment - Iranti has long worked with organisations across the globe to depathologise and destigmatise trans identities in the International Classification of Diseases. As of 2018 a major positive step was taken by the WHO.
  • Binder Campaign - Iranti, in collaboration with trans men in Latin America, Asia and New Zealand, began work on a campaign to make and distribute gender-affirming chest binders to trans men in the Global South.



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Iranti 5 Years and Forward 

South Africa, 15 December 2017
2017 marked Iranti’s fifth year documenting and advocating for
the human rights of lesbian, transgender and intersex persons in Africa.
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